Buba and the Bad Boys
£ 20.00
Riding their bipedal Mork steeds, Bubo and his howler henchmen raided for valuables and for meat - they cooked and devoured their prisoners! This reign of terror finally led to the mayor of the latest town to be hit by Bubo's gang to call on the Search/Destroy agency to send help. That help materialised in the form of Johnny Alpha and his partner Wulf Sternhammer, who immediately set off on Bubo's trail... Johnny and Wulf caught up with the Bad Boys as they attacked a train heading from Jobsville. After a violent showdown Bubo tied the trainís throttle and it plunged off a bridge into the ravine below, trapping the unconscious Alpha. Wulf saved his partner, taking him to the nearest town for medical care before heading out to wreak bloody vengeance on Bubo and his Howler outlaws. This box contains: 3 metal miniatures: Bubo and two Bad Boys riding Morks 2 Character cards 2 Armoury cards: Infrared Torch and Thermo-Bomb 1 Chicanery card: Lightning Charge Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
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Highly detailed and accurate 1:16 scale tank Forward and reverse with regular and pivot turning Shoots BB round with barrel recoil action Turret turns 320 degrees Simulates sound effect of full-scale tank Realistic smoke 2.4Ghz radio control Includes NiMH battery pack