10th doctor and companions
Coupling a boyish charm with an, at times, ruthlessly uncompromising darker side, the Tenth Doctor was ably assisted by companions such as Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble and Wilfred Mott. Facing and confounding Daleks, Weeping Angels, Cybermen amongst a legion of other malevolent adversaries, the Tenth Doctor prevails with a cheeky smile, improvised plan and great hair. Really great hair...
the dominators
Having been separated from their fleet, a lone Dominator spaceship arrives on the peaceful planet Dulkis. Navigator Rago and his second-in-command, Probationer Toba, are accompanied by their robotic servants, the Quarks, who round up slave workers from the planet’s pacifist inhabitants.
The Autons are terrifying living plastic automatons controlled by the Nestene Consciousness. These fearsome killers are often disguised as shop window mannequins – male, female and even child-like in appearance.
12th doctor and companions
12th Doctor and companions
ice warriors
5 Metal 38mm figures
i am the master
5 metal figures depicting the various Master charactor
davros and the new dalek empire
12 easy-fit plastic Dalek miniatures Exclusive Davros metal miniature 7 Recruitment Cards 11 Adventure Cards Full-colour assembly and painting guide
missy and the cybermen
12 easy-fit Cybermen miniatures 14 plastic Cybermat miniatures Exclusive Missy metal miniature 10 Recruitment Cards 8 Adventure Cards Full-colour assembly and painting guide
nightmares in silver
The Cybermen, eternally popular (and very persistent!) villains, are second only to the Daleks in people’s minds when they think of classic Doctor Who monsters. Our latest release, to mark 50 years since their first on screen appearance, is a 10 figure pack featuring the key designs from over the decades.
exterminate game
12 easy-fit plastic Time War Daleks, 12 easy-fit plastic Cyber Legion Cybermen, 14 plastic Cybermats, Double-sided 36" x 36" battlemat, Card scenery, 34 Recruitment Cards 56 Adventure Cards 36 Battle Cards 16-page Rules booklet 12-page Adventures booklet 24-page Guide to the Time _ Vortex booklet 10 Combat Dice 2 Quick Reference Sheets Card Ruler 59 card tokens